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TPLF Exposed - Interview with Gebremedhin Araya

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Posted: by [fae2bddf] Who is this(2012-01-07 09:33)
በጣም ያስፈራሉ.........በስመ አብ።
Posted: by [67d21193] Who is this(2012-01-04 01:45)
it takes courage to reveal such a dark secrete. and some of u brainwashed cadres, don't jump to criticism. can u atleast for once in your life open your minds (if u have one) and listen to people that have a different opinion. actually gebermedhin is not even expressing his opinion- he is talking the fact (what he personally saw with his own eyes) !!!! a day will come when weyane will be judged for the deaths it caused in TPLF itself, gonder, hadiya, gambella, ogaden, hawassa, addis ababa (97). murderers!!!!
Posted: by commenter (2011-04-28 15:50)
oldy Gebremedhin!
sharup idiot
Replied: by dedeboch (2012-01-04 02:08)
u brain washed moron! i think u r the stupidest person ever! it is just a matter of time before TPLF is held responsible for the thousands of deaths it caused in bedeno, hadiya, gambella, ogaden, gonder, awassa, addis ababa (97) etc. GEBREMEDIHIN did nothing but reveal the true nature of weyane. he was one of them so his story is reliable. where u there? have u seen what he has seen? why are u criticizing blindly? is it because u are so narrow minded that u don't wanna entertain different ideas
Posted: by commenter (2010-05-27 08:21)
hahaaaa bullshit!
Posted: by commenter (2010-05-24 17:43)
wow i heard the dog barking.......
Posted: by commenter (2010-05-24 17:02)
The mnost stupid person i have ever heard speaking!

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Added: 24-05-2010
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TPLF Exposed - Interview with Gebremedhin Araya

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