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Oromo Gospel music, Pastor Abitew Kebede

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Oromo Gospel music, Pastor Abitew Kebede

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Posted: by [26dcb757] Who is this(2014-05-06 16:36)
Posted: by [45763111] Who is this(2014-04-17 11:40)
abetew i am sure that the god bless you very very much no thing give peace and stablity like God lords
Posted: by [139fc12f] Who is this(2013-08-18 10:39)
ዎው! መዝሙር:በታም ይባርካል ከየት መግዛት እችላለሁ? እባካችሁን የምታውቁ በዚህ አድራሻ birleg19@yahoo.co.uk ልትልኩልን ትችላላችሁ:: ፓስተር የሱስ አብዝቶ ይባርክህ::
Posted: by [8494be52] Who is this(2012-08-18 18:17)
As an Oromo I grew up listening to Abitew's lovely songs. To this day he is my favorite Oromo singer- although thee are hundreds of other Oromo musicians. I am not religious, yet I would like to listen his Gospel music. Where can I get his CD?
Posted: by [c7eed582] Who is this(2012-06-24 12:10)
betam des yilal lemukera
Posted: by [152ef03e] Who is this(2012-05-22 17:26)
I am listening all of them, its ok, we don't know what's he is been through in his life. his choice!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: by [617a3660] Who is this(2011-12-22 09:35)
Please come back to your former job.
Pastor is nothing, they are just talkative.
Posted: by commenter (2011-04-14 01:12)
i love Abitew !! May my god bless U
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-20 17:46)
Abitew Kebede stop craying and come back to oromo music
we need more from you
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-02 13:52)
i love you so much good bless you
Posted: by commenter (2010-11-23 16:18)
Hi, i respect ur religion. Those of ur songs. They have special position specially for Oromos.
Posted: by commenter (2010-11-19 14:37)
ኢየሱስ ገታ ነው!!!!
Posted: by commenter (2010-11-04 06:52)
Abi is one of the famous person who won the earthly challenge by the grace of God. He has chosen the right way.Be blessed again and again.The eyes of lord be ever with him.
Posted: by commenter (2010-09-19 00:35)
እት ሞይት ክጅ ስዕድ እውድሉህ
Posted: by commenter (2010-08-17 15:10)
ጠላትኅን ዉደድ
Posted: by commenter (2010-08-14 19:19)
My pastor Abitew Kebede, GOD bless you and your family, you are humble servant of GOD. ጌታ ያክብርህ !!!
Posted: by commenter (2010-07-26 23:15)
ገታ ይመስገን
Posted: by commenter (2010-06-24 03:24)
Iddoo amma geesse kana garas maasii hedduutu jiraati "Vertical Calling"tti jabaadhu. Ammayyuu ganaadha...

Misganu Guluma
Ambo University
Posted: by commenter (2010-06-22 08:47)
A great paradigm shif. Abitew is so wise that he has choosen the right one. He prefered the everlasting to the temporary, eternal freedom to the bondage of sin. Now, he belongs to the living GOD, who owns and governs the whole world. He is really born to the kingdom of Jesus, and he is a real witness of the changing power of Jesus. Namni kabajaa fi ulfina biyya lafaa mi'eefate daandii waqayyoorra bu'uun baay'ee itti ulfaata. Abitoon garuu ayyaana Waaqayyon kana danda'eera. Injifannoon kana caalu maaliree?

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Oromo Gospel music, Pastor Abitew Kebede

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