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Ethiopian wedding ceremonies

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Posted: by commenter (2011-02-12 00:34)
Some "oromo" losers whining...LOL The word here is.. SHAME Maferia. You will never evere ever be a country in your dreams, Muuccccaaaa.
Posted: by commenter (2010-04-16 15:57)
ጽዽቭጝግቭጝ ቭግቭፍችርችችርርርችርርችችርይርርቹይርችርይይቺኡይርቹይሪኡይሪኡርቭ ጅግጅጅግ ብፍጅክብጅብ ጅብፍግጁኢጊዑኢብጅግ ብ ግብስድጅጅክ ብግ ብብግ አስክጅቦኢኡ ብግ ኢኡህብ ሳኅኡድሱግ ግ ብግስብግጅብጅ ብጅብጅግብጅ ኡህግህስሁህ ህጉን ግንሁህግዱኑ ኡኁግድስሆፓግ ሁግህድሱሆአግስ ሁህፖኡግኅ ግግድሳግ ህ ህግድሁድድሆሆኡ ሁኦህ ኡ አኡህግ ኡህግዱሁድግ ህጋኡ ጋጉድሱ ሁህግዱሃ ኅግድስ ኃ ጋሶህፒ
Posted: by eluu (2009-07-05 05:30)
that was hilarious, specially the wife beating Eritreans, God those people are proud of all the wrong things in the world. proud of having been enslaved, proud of wife beating, proud of hating Ethiopians, the list goes on. But I guise you should have used the few seconds you spent on useless people to present a wedding from a heart land of ethiopia Oromo. My mom is Oromo and she is not happy about although she is happy for my Dad who is from Tigray. next time don't be ignorant about your country. your country is not Tigray your country is ethiopia. you should at list acknowledge the most populous tribe.just a thought.

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