Historic Speech - Colonel Goshu Wolde on Eritrean Referendum and the fate of Ethiopia at US Congress

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Historic Speech - Colonel Goshu Wolde on Eritrean Referendum and the fate of Ethiopia at US Congress


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guest - 259 days ago
melese always tried to speak like his western masters eventhough his agame thick accent is always sticking out.
commenter - 870 days ago
col. Goshu Wolde was way ahead of the time. He should be our leader and what an excellent presentation. He was a product of Yale with distinction. Very bright and this is exactly what Ethiopia be it the government and opposition is missing. A person with such dignity, knowledge , expertise and he just oozes power and command. Truly son of Ethiopia.
commenter - 887 days ago
I'm proud of you Col. Goshu! God bless you. The bad side always Ethiopia refuse such brilliant person who love her. I wish to read your book on this wrong time of us that lead the nation into so many complex unsolved problems still.
I'm from Ethiopian father and Eritrean mother who live together still with peace and love in Ethiopia. Why some stupid diaspora Eritrean not mentioned the history that we shared a blood? Why diaspora Eritrean not like to hear the positive parts of our fore mother and father who lived and die with love for indefinite times? Why the current Eritrean hate to hear Ras Alula victory at Dogali( 40 km from Mitsiwa) and Zerayi Deres? Why Eritrean diaspora in love with false based fabricated history at Nakifa which focus on hate of Ethiopians?
Do you know how many Eritreans live in the refugee of Mi-Tsebri(Mi Aine), Adi Harush, Shemel-Beba and Afari (Berahi) in Ethiopia after the so called 'independent'? It is more than 2.46% of the nation in refugee, at the end of the yr 2011 this number increase every month by 1,000 (http://www.unhcr.org). At least after 20 years we should have to think the pros and cons of living together. Majority of Ethiopians don't have any hate to Eritrean b/se I'm the wittiness from my mother experience and also working close to people who live in the refugee campuses. Do you know some refugees has got scholarship in Ethiopia to attend University? I know a number of Eritrean refugee music bands working in many Ethiopian places in the communities. If this hate continues from diaspora Eritreans, one day you will get the wage that is going to be a failed state. Instead of being a short fuse, it is better to think the reality not to die together.
NB: Either by diplomacy or by blood when Ethiopia gets the right governors all the part of Southern Red Sea (ዞባ ደቡባዊ ቀይሕ ባሕሪ) or zone 6 will be return to original land Ethiopia. Then, every one of you hate each other will curse yourself.
Please let stand with a new sprite to make great East African nation. The experience we had from separation is loading the nation continuous weakness and poverty like Ethiopia and Eritrea. I guessed a lot of people in Eritrea and Ethiopia like to travel freely to their family and visiting the spiritual places. Unlike, the politicians’ interest to separate forever. I hadn't met any of my mother’s family as a result of hatting each others'.
Forget about stupid politics and politicians in Ethiopia and Eritrea but think to change the history of war, poverty, and all bad words which is synonymous to us into love, peace that leads to re-integrity based on the people interest.
Wish to see the bright day to our beloved people.
God bless us. Love you all!
commenter - 1148 days ago
this is a true genius, unlike meles, who got an F in organic chemistry (and probably got dismissed from the medicine program at aau)and joined MAGBET (the now TPLF) out of despair. that is the truth and i'm not making it up. i'm surprised that this idiot is now portrayed as a hero after death. time will reveal all the evil he has done to ethiopia
commenter - 1150 days ago
If it had been necessary to succeed Eritrea from Ethiopia, The people of Ethiopia should have been voted rather only tiny part of Ethiopia / Eritrea/ because Eritrea is one part of Ethiopia and Every Ethiopian people should have to vote. The support had been made by the West resulted in the relatively stable East Africa into the very unstable region; rather than democratic and prosperous Eritrea, a terrorist, weak, and dictatorial nation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
commenter - 1151 days ago
I love you Colonel Goshu Wolde.

You have done well for your be loving country, I am proud of you sir.

When I watch this speech it's always make me prided being Ethiopian.

God give him string and health long life my best wish to Colonel Goshu Wolde.

God bless Ethiopia

commenter - 1151 days ago
le ETHIOPIA mene alyserum were becha
commenter - 1151 days ago
abet abet abet...kkkk yekesere hulu
commenter - 1151 days ago
I hate it when some one makes too much effort to sound like ferenj!! Please know that it is not cool to use all your energy trying to sound someone else, at the expense of being rational, like this guys seems to be doing...
commenter - 1151 days ago
Find me somebody who give a great speach like that,for sure not the slaves of italia.