BilisummaaTV:Boycott Teddy Afro'S New Album"Tekur SEw"

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Bilisummaatv:Boycott Teddy Afro's new album "Tekur Sew" 2012 btvo oromia production


Ethiopian Calling


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commenter - 503 days ago
I do not have to listen everything but the title "...boycott"caught my eyes;whether you boycott him or not he does good in every way.
commenter - 564 days ago
ok idiots i don't care what you do with your elementary politics amongst yourselves but to mess with the great Rastafarian Bob Marley the voice of the oppressed is a blasphemy , you should restrain your ass from staining my black story.
commenter - 1136 days ago
mare wana i love it very very much whisky no kat yahk no kat is for pandasss like you go eat kat we love minilik, bob, and Teddy afro we buy his CD we go pay $50 for the concert and me and my wife both selale oromo my grand father is the nephew of Minilik The great who defended you and me from fascist colonizers anyone who hates King Minilik is a Fascist grand children by the way we love Meles the great too.
commenter - 1315 days ago
Emperor Menelik II, who has been described as Ethiopia's "greatest slave entrepreneur", taxed the trade to pay for guns and ammunition as he battled for control of the whole country, which he ruled from 1889 to 1913.
Bisho Jarsa was among the 183 children found on the dhows.
She had been orphaned with her two brothers, as a result of the drought and disease that swept through Ethiopia in 1887, and left in the care of one of her father's slaves.
But the continuing threat of starvation resulted in Bisho being sold to slave merchants for a small quantity of maize.

After a journey of six weeks, she reached the Red Sea, where she was put on board one of the Jeddah-bound dhows intercepted by HMS Osprey.

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The missionaries recorded detailed histories of the former slaves, educated them and baptised them into the Christian faith”
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Her first memory of the British was the sound of automatic gunfire blasting into the sails and rigging of the slave dhow while she huddled below deck with the other Oromo children.
commenter - 1316 days ago
To those who worship the monster Minilik, just read a snapshot of how Oromos were being snatched from their parents/villages by habeshas (supported by Minilik) and sold abroad. Imagine your child, brother, sister or relative being kidnapped and sold as a commodity...and how many were left without a parent, children, brothers, sisters etc. This is in addition to the Millions massacred in the country. This applies not only to Oromos but all oppressed ethnic groups in the Ethiopian empire.

Thank you bilisummaatv for the call to boycott this insensitive and irresponsible CD.
commenter - 1316 days ago
የምንሊክ እናት ወ/ሮ እጅጋየሁ የሸዋ ኦሮሞ ናት። ቴዲ ደግሞ ትግሬ ነው። የምንሊክን ስም የጠራው ገንዘብ ለመሰብሰብ እንጂ ንጉሳችንን ወዶት አይደለም። በመሆኑም ቴዲ ቦይኮት ቢደረግ ደስ ይለኛል። አማራዎችን በመኪና እየገጨ ከመግደል በስተቀር ምንም ያደረገላቸው ነገር የለም። አሁንም ሊያገባ ያሰበው ትግሬ ናት። ከአማራዎች በሰበሰው ገንዘብ ትግሬዎችን ከእስር ቤት ለማውጣትና ሰርግ ለመደገስ እየተጠቀመበት ነው።
commenter - 1317 days ago
No creative person posts such an evil and confused message.YOU MUST BE ON CRACK or COCAINE dude.
commenter - 1317 days ago
too mach hate toward amhara ,what is wrong with amhara ?
commenter - 1317 days ago
you smoke herb and it reveals yourself within. jaaaaaaaah
commenter - 1318 days ago
The person who posted this is an EVIL...DEVIL!!!! Narrow minded stupid!!!! Who cares about your stupid doctrine!!!!