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Ethiopia vs Eritrea War: 150,000 Eritreans Killed!!! Death for Shabea Cancer

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Posted: by [ce2fd9cd] Who is this(2014-08-24 23:15)
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Posted: by [b3468f99] Who is this(2014-06-07 08:52)
hahahahah ahahahahah kkkkkkkkkk man new anbesa ante ebd ask who is eritrean ,that nomber is yours ediot
Posted: by [866d77c0] Who is this(2014-05-19 18:13)
ኣንበሳ ናችው የ እቲኢዮፒያ ልጅ
Posted: by [5175e676] Who is this(2013-05-06 17:30)
I think the greatest insult is when an Eritrean calls Woyanai Italian slave.It is true but funnnnny.ehhhhhheeeeeeeeeeee
Posted: by [e09dfd90] Who is this(2013-01-16 08:27)
LOL. vv But nahh thats mean rofl. I think eritrians are iight. lolz... Uhmm but what do I know im only a freshmen in highschool doing a research paper on ethiopia .. lolz O_o
Posted: by [5eeefe1c] Who is this(2012-12-08 20:14)
Eritrians it is getting a little tiring bragging about your bravery , you are nothing more than Italian slaves that sold your people for a white man, am getting a little tired of your bullshit leave Ethiopia alone, stay away live in your perfect country and dream on.
Posted: by [197d88f6] Who is this(2012-08-04 21:57)
the hall eritrean army is 200000 to 300000 , n u guys sayin half is dead wel then accrdingly around 100000 wld be wounded who is left . Wake up amara day dreamers. is eri tht wuped ur asss n put weyane in power. come on u ppl come back to reality
Posted: by [753e731d] Who is this(2012-04-12 03:10)
Posted: by [3cb0a2d1] Who is this(2012-03-06 19:16)
SHOCKING!!! Ethiopia Amhara Neftegna calls for GENOCIDE OF ERITREANS

Posted: by [07bf642f] Who is this(2012-03-06 18:09)
When Ethiopian troops began attacking Eritrean forces in 1998 the Eritreans quickly gave them a drubbing, infuriating the TPLF government. There followed a year of major Ethiopian military build up and subsequent attacks in the early summer of 1999. These were major assaults, the largest ground war since the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980's, and were noted for the Ethiopian use of "human wave" tactics reminiscent of WWI. Needless to say, enormous numbers of Ethiopian troops, mainly from the Oromo ethnic group, were cut down attempting to storm the Eritrean trenches. BBC video footage showing what seemed to be miles and miles of rows of Ethiopian dead supported Eritrean estimates that over 50,000 Ethiopians died in a matter of days. The reality on the ground is that the Eritreans have mauled the Ethiopian invasion forces severely, and following their practice of strategic withdrawals to maximize the preservation of their fighters, have pulled back into better defensive positions in the highlands. The Eritreans still have their tanks and mobile artillery in reserve and await the right time to launch their counterattack. But the Ethiopians understood that and they withdrew us soon us they can.
Posted: by [07bf642f] Who is this(2012-03-06 17:53)
Masters of Weyane(Ethiopian Terrorist) send Weyanes to do their dirty job that is to go to war with Eritrea and Weyanes plan was to take Asmara in two weeks under the supervision of foreign Generals and provided by foreign satellite intelligence. But in the reality on the ground is that the Eritreans have destroyed the Ethiopian invasion forces severely, estimates that over 150,000 Ethiopian troops died and the Weyane regime completely failed to take Asmara and port of Assab. Woyanne lost both in the court and in the war to achieve their dreams.

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Answering to questions from Jimma Times, former US ambassador to Ethiopia, Dr. David Shinn said the two Horn of Africa nations restarting war is improbable. Tensions are growing between Ethiopia and Eritrea, which have been at odds since the bloody border conflict that killed around 70 000 people. But according to Shinn “it is not in their interest to resume war.” The former U.S. ambassador opposed Eritrean government’s claims that American foreign policy in the region is emboldening Ethiopia to attack Eritrea. “I don’t believe this charge is credible. If I thought that Ethiopia intended to attack Eritrea, I might have a different opinion” said Shinn. This belief was shared by the International commission in the Hague which accused Eritrea of invading Ethiopia. Despite international reports, regional analysts also say the war was more costly than reported, as hundreds of thousands of lives might have been lost. Eritrea, which initiated the war with around 300000 troops, suffered several defeats as Ethiopia captured Barentu and a third of Eritrean territory. Accordingly, some claim Eritrea might have lost up to 150,000 troops as its remaining forces were cornered near the capital city Asmara, while Ethiopia might have lost as many soldiers as well.

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