Zerfe Kebede Documentary Film - Paramera - Part 5 of 8

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Zerfe Kebede Documentary Film - Paramera - Part 5 of 8


Ethiopian Calling


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Ms. sirgut retta really soory U don't know what u r talking She is Zerfa not Bety Tezera ! What ever u said Zerfa is Zerfa she will never change her personality by things like u she beliveing the true god not like u she belive by Mama Marry she never denied the mother of Jisus like u she following the orgional Orthodox Tewhedo church not Tehaddso Or Menafkan like u ! Menalbat ande ken gebtoshe temlshe yehonal belayshe lay ysfrew aganent tesmamtotalena endat ylakekeshe ! Kenberun sebrshe eskalwetashe drese yaw kentu hunshe tekeryalshe Zerfa hulgeza Orthodox aagne nat tawkewalche ebakshe kesua temehert wsege
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wow i thank God i got a chance to comment on Zerfe Kebede doucumentary film , it is amazing true story God bless you all who participated in doing this movie. I hope you make more movies , Zerfe geta yibarkish keep the faith !!!you are my inspiration . I go to pentecostal church, i am in the choir and i am proud of you and your friends, Maranatha!if we continue sacrificing the worldly pleasures for the everlasting life it will help make Jesus's return faster.
Sirgut Retta, from Los Angeles, California